Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Quick Update

Its been a busy weekend and its not stopping yet out at the pub again tonight for a birthday and just out with mates, so i wont have any time for part two till tomorrow however i will get it up i know your all waiting for it :D

i will be covering the HP Envy 14 Beats Edition and the newly released Dell XPS 15Z

Sorry for the wait it should be up tomorrow

Thursday, 26 May 2011

New Desktop Replacement Laptop Part One

So for a while now since the end of last year infact getting a new laptop as i don't use a full desktop (i just don't have room for one and i like laptops). My current laptop is definitely on its way out ove three years old now its a HP Pavilion dv2620ea that while still gets the job done is starting to show its age more and more the main thing that i find is a problem with it (other than its dead battery) is that the graphics only being integrated are fine for day to day things but struggle quite a bit for anything more. So with that i decided that my next laptop would loo for it to;

1. Be good looking, even if it never leaves my bag while im out and about 

2. Have a good dedicated graphics card (integrated aswell if possible to switch off the discrete graphics when it doesn't need the power)

3. Have a great LED screen 1080p would be nice but i could settle for lower

4. Have a screen that is around 14" but less than 17" as i class that as gigantic (the 14.1" screen is one thing that ive always loved about my current laptop i never feel that my laptop is any smaller then friends and having a number pad has always seemed like a waste of space to me)

5. Have minimum an i5 processor but preferably i7

6. Have good enough specs to last me for a long time

Really it all just comes down to it having great longevity due to great performance. As a daily engadget reader the first laptop that caught my eye was the HP Envy 14, this laptop just looks swish its a beauty nothing more need really be said, yes it looks like a Mac Book Pro but so what if people like a design they like it for a reason so why not see if you can improve upon it.

It starts hitting the criteria straight away it looks good, it has ATI Mobility Radeon 5650 graphics with 1GB dedicated memory, a 14.5" High-Definition LED Display with a resolution of 1366 x 768 so could be better, has an Intel Core i5 460M processor but sadly only 4GB of RAM. So its nice but i just don't think that it would last as long as i want it to and still be fast im looking really for it still being mid-range two years or more down the line.

so il leave it there for now comments or suggestions appreciated wether they be on a laptop i would like or simply better writing tips for me.

Come back for Part Two soon